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Forskare önskar intervjua unga vuxna

Publicerad: 03-Mar-2018

En holländsk forskare önskar komma i kontakt med unga vuxna som använder rullstol för ett forskningsprojekt.

For my thesis research in Urban & Regional Planning I am looking for young people (20+) that use a wheelchair and would like to have two short casual conversations regarding the use/non-use/experience/appreciation of nature in any form. Photographs will be used to have a fun talk about different kinds of nature, and the main language will be English. The talks can take place anywhere in the Stockholm region, I can travel anywhere according to your convenience.

Please don’t hestiate to contact me if you are interested in photography and would like to share your thoughts on your experience of nature in and around Stockholm! Also, email or contact me in case of any further questions.

Thank you,

Nienke Sluimer